21 Mar

Tips to traveling with your loved senior citizen

When traveling with a senior citizen, there are many tasks that need to be completed ahead of time. It is best to be prepared and know of any benefits your loved one may be eligible for. This article is full of tips and tricks that will make traveling with your aging loved one enjoyable and without stress. Waiting in long lines tends to be exhausting and boring for anyone, especially senior citizens. The Federal Aviation Administration has added precautions that will help travel with the elderly more enjoyable and convenient.

Visit a doctor and get vaccinated

This is, perhaps, the single more important task that should be completed. This is especially important for people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or other ailments. Vaccines that should current are measles, mumps, rubella, and seasonal flu. Citizens over the age of 65 are more likely to come down with tetanus so they are encouraged to get a tetanus booster before beginning any traveling. A doctor can best assess which vaccines are necessary for your loved one.

Do not forget any needed medications

The primary physician of your loved one will know which medications are needed. They will also be able to provide tips and advise with specific medications. Seniors may be prescribed medications specific for travel in addition to those already being taken on a regular basis. Travelers are encouraged to plan more than enough medication in case of any possible delays.

Assistance in the airport is always available.

The elderly can request assistance in the airport the whole time they are present. There is assistance available in getting to the gate such as wheelchairs and carts. Seniors may also be able to stand in shorter lines at security.

Easier security restrictions

There have been several changes made to the TSA security policies that make traveling easier for seniors. Passengers who are older do not have to remove their shoes or jackets when walking through the security check. Passengers who are in a wheelchair will receive special accommodations during the screening process. Last, but not least, are the seniors who are traveling with pacemakers or other medical devices. These people can request a pat down as opposed to going through the scanner.

Assistance with boarding the airplane.

Seniors who need special assistance can board first using priority boarding. The airport staff can also assist in escorting your loved one by helping with stowing bags.

Travel cautiously in order to decrease the possibility of injury.

One of the most common preventable deaths among travelers. There are many easy ways that senior citizens can reduce the risk of serious injury by following the basic tips below:

  • Do not forget to wear your seatbelt
  • Avoid riding in cars in third world countries after dark
  • Do not fly in local, small planes
  • Avoid questionable areas after dark

Look into discounts that may be available.

Now is time for the good news. There are benefits to being a senior citizen that are worth discussing. One such benefit is discounted airfare. These are not always available, but it does not hurt to look into. A great site for travel discounts is StudentUniverse.com

27 Jan

The Aim of Upfront

The aim of Upfront is to provide a voice for female football fans.

Well we’re fast approaching March and things are beginning to sort themselves out as regards both the cup competitions and the league. The Coca Cola cup will be contested by Middlesborough and Chelsea providing a replica of last years FA cup final. Both clubs have been in the news with Chelsea sacking Gullit and replacing him with Vialli and Middlesborough being somewhat active in the transfer market (Branca in particular would appear to be a shrewd move).

The FA cup has reached the quarter final stages and all the ties have now been settled. Although I can’t claim to have much affection for Barnsley, I was very pleased that they overcame Manchester United after the dreadful penalty decision of the original tie. I did however, want Wimbledon to beat Wolves as then Sheffield United would have been the only first division side left in the competition – pathetic really!!

Returning to the earlier point about Man Utd and Barnsley, the whole situation with penalties has brought referees sharply into focus in recent weeks, even within parliament. Should we now start to use the technologies that we have at our disposal such as ‘third referees’ similar to those employed in cricket. Personally I’m for leaving things alone. Rather I would advocate encouraging the linesmen to live up to their new titles of ‘referees assistants’ (perhaps they are reluctant in light of the attack at Portsmouth). I realise decisions cost games but I also believe that it’s all part of what makes football the best game on earth (horribly cliched I know!).